In  last two decades all Industries have evolve extremely to embrace Technology.  Technology advanced in leaps and bound starting from

dot com era. Now both technology and industry are synonymous with complete inter-dependent innovations for excellence in performance.

Few of the areas worth mention:

From banking, finance, wealth management to trading all depend heavily on technology, for  changing rapidly with innovative evolutions in the aggressive landscape, ever-increasing dogmatic oversight, increasing consumer expectations, expansion and for transparency.

Unprecedented capital fluctuation in energy field  due to worlrdwide downturn and rigid credit curbs have hit  top and bottom line of most of the energy and utilities business across globe, needing more and more technologies for every field from process control to monitoring.

Reform initiatives in governments, various institutions and organizations across the public and private sectors covers a variety of technology based solutions to enhance government revenue, facilitate trade, support efficiency and promote good governance along with sustainable development.

Healthcare Practice probably needs technology most for pioneering end-to-end integrated solutions for healthcare providers to augment the competence of physicians, hospitals, ancillary facilities, clinics, governmental health bodies, and public health and research organizations.

ERP and globalization in it's true sense, from manufacturing to delivery, from a laptop is what technology has brought us. Integration of manufacturing to assembly hubs on a global platform, running business process in  back end server and controlling from various portals. Auto industry on the other hand is a glaring example of technology adaptability. Still evolving towards more fragmented 24/7 mobility controls, while manufacturing is poised for more and more robotics and embedded technologies.

Retail companies  have multi-channel, comprehensive solutions to facilitate customer communication via social media and corporate websites.  While digitally confident clients with smart devices expect retailers to interface with them in a variety of formats that can be accessed anytime, anywhere,  retailers require rapid development and implementation of robust IT solutions to meet these requirements at their end and remain competitive in the market. Unified communication with audio video content management can play a vital roll.

Next leap forward in the technology fields,- it is envisaged that Apps development and deployment is going to play a big roll. In the days to come while all integration and infrastructures are available, Apps may even control the business process to achieve end products. Also many of the infrastructures being in place in the near future, Apps development will move to any intelligent developer who will do it after  training and not needing bachelor’s degree.